Effective Utility Management 

In Integrated Water Resource management (IWRM)
and effective utility management (EUM).

Over 70 courses for operator training, plus the effective utility management certificate program to train leaders in the water and waste water industry. In addition consulting on policy and operational issues.

Our Mission

To protect public health by assisting
water and wastewater utilities become the most
effective and efficient they can be. 

 Our success is a direct result of the dedication, integrity
and motivation shown by each and every
member of our vibrant team.

Our Value

Providing capacity building training and operational consulting to:



National local water and wastewater authorities.



WWWS has become the standard for excellence in the provision of safe drinking water and effective sanitation services. We assist utilities and governments around the world in building
internal capacity through:

WWWS is a registered company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada with a Caribbean satellite office based in St. Lucia, WI. PARTNERS

Our partnership with Kwantlen Polytechnic

University, British Columbia ensures the provision of
training and is held to the highest standards

International Water Technologies  (IWT)
in the provision of
decentralized wastewater solutions