WWWS’s CEO, Valerie Jenkinson, has over 20 years experience with both qualitative and quantitative research. Her previous company conducted over 6,000 surveys monthly as well as focus groups and one on one interviews.

In the water industry she conducted the largest assessment of the certification and training needs of the industry for the Ministry of Health in British Columbia and conducted the surveys and research for the Caribbean Regional Environmental wastewater project (CReW) in seven countries.

Valerie is a sought after facilitator and is known for excellence in keeping meetings or workshops on track and focused on the required outcomes.

If you require research or a facilitator guaranteed to give you top quality results call Valerie to discuss your needs.


Consultant’s Experience

Assignment Name and brief description of main deliverables/outputs

Name of Client & Country of Assignment

Cost of service and tariff review

Performed Cost of Service and Tariff Re- view and submitted Tariff Increase application resulting in 66% increase in water rate and 146% in wastewater rate – the first ap- proved rate in 14 years.

WASCO St. Lucia

Capacity Building: Setting Rate and Tariff and Financial Viability management training

Capacity Building: Led Management Team through the Financial Viability and Rate and Tariff Setting Modules of the Effective Utility Management Certificate Programme Modules.

WASCO St. Lucia


Assignment Name and brief description of main deliverables/outputs

Name of Client & Country of Assignment

Gap Analysis, Cost of Service and Budget Review

Conducted a complete gap analysis and Cost of Service review of the Public Works Division (water/wastewater/storm drain- age/ parks/roads). Assessed current operational practices vs., Best Practices, all operational budgets and staffing requirements based on the gap analysis. Resulted in approved funding structure and budget. (Rates are part of property tax and budget approval is equivalent of tariff).

Operational Assessment

Conducted operational assessments on all departments of WASCO and delivered a 100+ recommendations for operational efficiency including need for better optimization of resources and rate increase to meet operational needs. Included budget scrutiny and revised budgeting process to reflect true cost of service. Cost of Service and budget review.

National Water Policy and Roadmap for Antigua and Barbuda

Designed, in consultation with stakeholders, the National Water Policy Statement and Road Map for Antigua and Barbuda. Included policy recommendations on adequate rate and tariff structure.

City of Port Moody
Works Division BC Canada Public

WASCO St. Lucia

Global Water Partner Caribbean Antigua and Barbuda


Assignment Name and brief description of main deliverables/outputs

Name of Client & Country of Assignment

CORAL Climate Change and Water Initiative

Trained participants in GWP workshops on the use of C-CORAL a tool developed by 5 Seas to put a Climate change lens on water and wastewater decision-making. This will be an added value on the DOWASCO project bringing an environmental focus to the cost review.

CREW Project

The CReW is a four-year project that began in 2011. It is funded by the Global Envi- ronment Facility (GEF) and implemented by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Its goal is the estab- lishment of Sustainable Financial Mecha- nisms and Capacity Building for better Wastewater Management.

WWWS undertook country profiles of each of the 6 English-speaking countries that had signed on to the LBS Protocol, including Dominica. The company conducted surveys and discussions with each country to de- termine among other issues, existing policies and rate effectiveness. WWWS participated and presented at CReW sponsored conferences on the findings and financial mechanisms that were being tested.

Global Water Partners Caribbean, St. Lucia Curacao

CREW – Reported to CAWASA and sponsored by UNEP and IDB

St Lucia , Dominica
Belize,  St. Lucia.
St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Trinidad and Tobago
Antigua and Barbuda

Our Key Experts have conducted over 200 Cost of Service and Tariff reviews. One of our experts is considered one of North America’s leading experts in the field. A list of relevant projects is included in the CVs as requested in the TOR.